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50 Responses to “Google Play Store”

  1. Dark_LovexXx says:

    Does the google play store have a section for newly released apps?

  2. ConfusionnaJob says:

    When I turn on my phone it says “Vibrant” and in the back it says “Galaxy S” so it’s a fairly old model. When I try to look for the Google Play Store on my phone it isn’t there, all there is is this app called “Market” that doesn’t have any major apps like Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Anyone tell me step by step how to install the Google Play Store app, please?

  3. Mark says:

    “Android Market”website has become “Google Play Store”, I could install a lot of free apps of this website on my Android device. But I still don’t know how to get the apk files on Google Play (or Android Market), I can only install software but I don’t know the exact folder in which apk files have been saved.

    I want to backup these apk files. Thank you.

  4. toysruslover says:

    When I do so it display “you haven’t accessed the Google Play Store app on your device”

  5. Joe M says:

    How do I access the Google Play Store app (white shopping bag)?
    Every time I try to install an Android app at the Google Play website, it gives me the message: You haven’t accessed the Google Play Store app, the white shopping bag icon. Can anybody please tell me how to do this?

  6. Shay H says:

    I want to know how many apps the google play store and the apple app store make every month. I also want to know how many apps they have now.If the amount of apps they have is growing exponentially include that. I want to find out when the google play store will have more apps than the apple play store if ever. Please write it as an equation.

  7. Mackenzie P says:

    Please help me how to solve this problem. I find that when using Google with many users in an office, google blocks us. I can’t use Google search anything now. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  8. Melanie says:

    I have a HTC Wildfire S and I’ve had it since August 2011. I noticed 2 weeks ago that my Google Play Store doesn’t have any new apps on it. It seems to me that its not updating the store. I went on to download Temple Run 2 and I noticed that it wasn’t on it. The charts have been the same for a while as well. I’ve tried restarting my phone, uninstalling all the updates for the Google Play Store and then reinstalling them, uninstalling all my apps and then reinstalling them. Also, my phone won’t let me move a lot of my apps on to my memory card. Have you had this problem or do you know how to fix it?

  9. Le Pwner says:

    So, im new with tablets.. I bought a new tablet but it didnt have the google play store pre-installed and i want to get apps but i go to the play store website but my phone is only register, i dont know how to register my tablet

  10. Joey 01 says:

    I get the error message when I try and download the app meetme on my HTC Rhyme phone. Every single other app works except that one and it says package file invalid. I have cleared cache and data from google play store and google framework. I have also uninstalled google play updates and even hard reset my phone twice and nothing works. It won’t work with wifi or 3G. The app works for everyone else and even my sister has the same phone as me and it works just fine for her. What can I do? ERGHHHHHHH!!
    The app worked 3 days ago and that’s the day that google told me t update the app so, I tried and that’s when the package file error started and then, I uninstalled the meetme app and now can’t get the app to install. The app will download, but that’s all. I don’t have antivirus software on my phone. The only apps that I have are kik, Pandora, Textrfee, and Voxer. I’ve always had those apps so, they aren’t causing the error.

  11. Jonny says:

    I have Samsung galaxy s3. My country is Myanmar. I want to download from Google play store but this item is not available in your country. how to do?

  12. xLittle21Yaox says:

    Do you have to pay for an app monthly once you’ve purchased it on Google Play Store?

  13. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505. I download Google play store 3.10.10 and installed it on my phone. Every time I open it a split second later it closes… it is driving me nuts because I cannot download any app’s from Google play without it. Does anybody know how to help me?

  14. homerliveshere says:

    I need the Google Play App Store Because I want to get the minecraft tool app and iOS does not have it! I need the minecraft tool app so I can get mods, skins, texture packs, and more. This is for the Minecraft PE for iPad.


  15. thinkthought says:

    I accidently unistall all updates for google play store on my andriod. I can’t seem to open it. It say I don’t have that app. How can I get it back? Please help and thank you.

  16. veemodz says:

    I just got this phone yesterday and have all ready rented two films from the google play store, however I want to actually buy a couple so that I permanently have them on my phone. When I go to the store, the only option that appears is ‘rent’. How do I buy films?
    Thanks in advance :)

  17. Thomas A says:

    I have been using this one app with my Iphone 5 but I feel weird putting my face on my phone while making a call.
    I just bought a kindle fire HD and I can’t find a good vibrating app in the Google play store?
    Please help!!!

  18. Ryan Z says:

    How does those apps maker that put the price “Free” at itune or google play store makes money?

  19. opurt says:

    I have this app on my phone and i use it all the time, but now i have another android device and i notice this app has been removed from the google play store for unknown reasons. Is there anyway to get this app on my new android device?

  20. Jeracoo L says:

    I want to know how to get the awesome Google play store on my kindle without rooting it. I tried downloading it from 4shared.com but when I open the app it shut the app down I try and try the app again but it don’t work. please help!!

  21. Jairo says:

    I made a mistake and deleted my twitter app off my phone. I was trying to make more space and accidentally uninstalled the Google Play Store (the android market) off of my phone also. How do I re-install the play store so I can install more apps?

  22. Andrew S says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy I8262. I lost the pre installed play store app in my handset. Now my phone isn’t working as well as before. It is hanged after restart.I format it as factory reset. All my data is erased.But the Google play store is not available after reset. When I am trying to launch other Google apps I.e Gmail , drive etc , they don’t work and handset get hanged. I installed play app from other websites but they were blocked .when i installed after allowing security setting restrictions , it installed but not worked. help me for stability of my phone. Is there any way to install the secured Google play apps or there is any way to get the factory installed apps and settings.

  23. Erfan says:

    I have an app on my phone called iFunny. For those who don’t know its an app that has a bunch of funny pictures and allows you to post your own. They also have this thing called the iFunny studio which is on the iFunny app. On it you can make your own rage comics that you can publish onto iFunny… well for some reason it doesn’t work on my phone. So I was wondering if anyone knew an app I could get on the Google Play store that would allow you to make and save your own rage comics that slide down and allow you to upload your own pictures onto them and suff. Sorry if I’m not being very specific.

  24. Mistry says:

    Just got a HTC EVO 3D and it doesn’t have the Google play store on it. How do I get the Google play store on it?

  25. Mackenzie P says:

    So i downloaded an app for free in isohunt. If you download it from Google play store, it has a price. So i finished downloading and i check gplay store and see it is checked on my downloaded list. I still got it for free right?

  26. JackReynolds says:

    So I have a new phone that has a very small memory and you are not allowed to uninstall/move to sd card on some apps. When you download apps from the google play store the apps download to the phones memory and I have downloaded many apps that can’t be moved to the sd card and I refuse to uninstall them so I can’t download apps because I don’t have enough room on my internal storage. Plz help me find a way to make downloads download to the sd card automaticly.thx:-)

  27. zaclo says:

    I want to install instagram on my android phone but it says that I first have to access google play store app on my device with my email and I don’t know how to do it.

    Thank you

  28. JDOGG1122 says:

    I want to sign out of the Google Play store on my LG Motion 4g, but I am scared that emails inside my inbox will get deleted. Is that true?
    Are you sure?

  29. Harriet W says:

    On the google play store, can you put money on your account with a visa card, to later use that money to buy apps?

  30. Harry says:

    I’m trying to buy a nexus 7 (16 GB) on the Google play store. While its in the cart it says ships when available in red? I just want to know what this means before i go ahead and buy the thing.

  31. Jose B says:

    I got a new Nook Tablet from my Aunt and Unlce last Christmas. I used it for awhile, and all of a sudden, one day, I turn my Nook Tablet on, and the google play store was there, just like my old Android phone, where I could than download the same apps and games and stuff. When did Nook Tablet get the google play store? What was the date? I had no idea, until randomly it was on my home screen, because I had stopped using the Nook for awhile, and now I have been using it all the time.

  32. mal_functiongeo says:

    I am buying my boyfriends brothers Samsung Droid Charge, it has the same Android os as my Motorola Droid 2 but I was wondering if it would also have the Google Play Store or the market place with the Android on the shopping bag.

  33. Con Orpe says:

    How does a minor make a Google adsense legally? Does Google adsense take tax out of your check or do they take it out of the payee’s bank account?

  34. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I have money on my virgin mobile account on my smart phone but I’d like to buy some music from the google play store. Is it possible to transfer the money from my account to the google play store? If so, how?

  35. morbiusdog says:

    Many days ago I have downloaded this game from androidmob.org but it was deleted by us for some reason.But now,when I am searching for this game on this site I am not getting.I am getting many games related to zombie like “zombie highway”, “zombie road trip”…etc.I see zombie road game available only on google play store website but my tab doesn’t support google play store.Do you know about this game.I am willing to download it,very addictive.Please give some link or suggest on your side.

  36. Courtney says:

    If google buys htc and start making phone for every price segment like $20 to $500 and stop making wp7 phone. This will be not good for nokia and microsoft.

  37. mal_functiongeo says:

    I wanted to know how to download & install the Google Play Store app for the kindle fire HD, I’ve seen a video on how to do this & also I have app’s that are installed on my Samsung Galaxy S 2, would there be a way that I can transfer these apps to my kindle fire HD tablet.

  38. musicistabest says:

    Ok, so I just recently bought the galaxy s1 from,a friend, who has not used it in awhile. The current app store is the android market, which is much more restricted the google play store. When I attempt to go to software update on my phone, it says no firmware and exits the download. My phone says my firmware is 2.1 (update 1) so how can I update my phone to the point of the play store or how can I just download the play store app?

  39. encyclopath says:

    I am looking for a cheap tablet that comes with the google play store for my kids fpr christmas. They are young children so it does not have to be anything fancy. Looking to order within the next day. Under $100 would be nice.

  40. Hannah says:

    So i’m trying to start recording some things like meetings and other stuff. What are some good options for free through the Google Play Store.

  41. Hayden says:

    If i bought a nexus 4 from my t-mobile store in Wal-mart, will i get updates the same time as a nexus 4 from the Google play store?

  42. _marky_mark_ says:

    There’s currently a scam app on the google play app store. It’s one of those point collecting things that claim if you get enough points you’ll win free stuff. I saw the app being advertised on another website and it was pretty easy to spot it as a scam.

    The problem is I don’t know how I would report this to google. Also, like any scam they used proxy accounts to give it a high rating and have a bunch of people give it good reviews.

    I’m worried about posting the name of the app here in order to avoid people from going to it and using it.

  43. Vultre9 says:

    i got a new galaxy ace, my sisters galaxy ace has the ‘google play’ app allowing her to download apps from the google play store, on the other hand, mine does not have the google play app, and i cannot seem to download it, help?!?

  44. mike s says:

    When I try to download an app from Google play store it won’t work. The download keeps going but nothing happens.

  45. Andres C says:

    I was thinking about getting one cause a have 130$ in store credit at Gamestop and I wanted to know if it could play games/apps from the Google Play Store? I was planning on buying it to play The Amazing Spiderman,Modern Combat 4, Assassins Creed, etc but I heard the Ouya cannot play games from the Play Store. Is this true? Or can use the Ouya to buy games from the Google Play Store and use apps such as Netflix or Twitch? Thanks in advance. Btw i know its not going to be a competitive console against ps3, xbox 360, wii, wii u, ps4 and xbox one. Im just getting it to play android games for fun.

  46. MAK & CHEESE says:

    I want to download my apps uing the Google play store because it is trustworthy and something I work with a lot on my computer and I cant figure out how to use it on my tablet

  47. Jack Bauer says:

    I recently got a hipstreet aurora 2 tablet that runs on android 4.1.1 jellybean. So I was wondering how to get Google play store on my tablet. I am decent with electronic systems but I have been trying to find out how to do this for such a long time! My tablet runs a app store called mobile one and it is decent but it does not have all the apps I want and most are the lite version. This tablet has been AMAZING and only set me back $90 at target so if some one could help that would be great!

  48. steve says:

    I noticed that everyone with an android that I know now has the google play store instead of the regular android market. Their’s all did it automatically but mine didn’t. I have a Samsung Moment on the Sprint network and I was just wondering if anyone knew how to get mine to update?

  49. soccermaster1 says:

    My dad just ordered one for me from the Google Play store for my birthday, as they were the only ones that had it. When should i expect to receive my Nexus 7??

  50. Jamal says:

    i download the file as apk file.then i install by clicking.but in google play store it is not shown.so how to make these download(as apk files) apps come in my account of google play store?

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